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Volume VII: The Reflecting Pond

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“it has become our truth, but it is not of truth”

If I where to take you from where you stand, to high above where you perceive to see a sky of blue, we will quickly discover that the blue in which we think we see, does in fact not exist.  It is only from where we currently stand on the earth, that we perceive the sky to be that which others have taught us to understand as the sky, and then prescribed the word blue to express what they felt to be its reflective color.

Yet the sky in which we think we see is not there, it is merely a reflection of a vibrational interpretation as experienced through our physical sense, known to us as our vision.  And from a long-ago desire to communicate with each other, we formed vibrating sounds into what we now know as our vocabulary, and in the process assigned our beliefs to all that we think we experience around us.

One of those beliefs is that we think on a clear day, the sky is blue.  It is only showing up to us as a reflection of our beliefs.  It is but an accurate reflection of what we have accepted as our truth, and therefore it has become our truth, but it is not of truth.

We now walk into a world few have dared to venture, a world where we consciously know that all we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, is but a vibrational interpretation of what we are receiving through our physical senses, and all based upon what we have accepted as our reality.  What we are transmitting through our beliefs is how we understand it to be, it is what appears to us each and every time as a perfect match to our vibrational offerings, again based upon our chosen beliefs.

The world in which we reside is a flawless reflection matching what is our offering as a vibrational being.  The words that we have prescribed to have meaning and value, are but tools in a realm created from a world once without the use or need of such tools.  This realm as we know it is responding to what we mean, what we feel, not what we speak through our words.  To further the point, how many times have we spoken words we know we don’t mean?  For in truth what we mean is what we feel, and what we feel is what we draw into our experiences.

All the world is reflecting back to us what we have either been taught by others to accept and believe, what we feel must be true because we have seen it to be, or because we have chosen to see something from a certain perspective after concluding it must be so.  In all these circumstances, everything seen and experienced is perfectly reflecting back to us what we are first transmitting through vibrational offerings.  Through the laws that permeate all existence, these laws reflect back to us what we feel about most.

If all things are a reflection, or let’s say a vibrational interpretation that is being manifested based on our beliefs and the equivalent emotional frequency transmitted, then from where does the reflection come from?  If something is responding to our beliefs, then what is responding or reflecting these vibrations?

First, it is not a question of if things are a reflection; it is that they are a reflection, a harmonious equivalent to the vibrational frequency emanating from within, and more accurately identified, as through us.

Then it may be presented that the responding medium reflecting our vibrational offerings, originates from a superior unnoticed aspect within us that is the creative birthplace of all things.  There are many names, each attempting in vain to copyright a fabricated ownership as if the name were the valued possession.  Nevertheless the name only points in the direction of what it references.  How might we define something that is beyond our physical senses to comprehend?  That which creates us is unparalleled in scope, and still remains a part of us, and us a part of it, but we are wise to remember, we are not all that it is.

“there are many names, each attempting to copyright a fabricated ownership”

“we are the ones responding within the singular creative medium”

In part, we are the ones responding within the singular creative medium.  Not the physical blood, flesh and bone parts of us, but the ultimate truth of who we are; a limitless individualized vibrational entity interconnected to the infinite creative energy source of the whole.

Mankind sees itself as separate from that which constructs the worlds in which they reside; yet it is impossible to be separated from that which creates and supports our physical life.  It is also unreasonable to think we might be divided from that which is creating the very us that we know our physical self to be.

Therefore when we perceive of a thought and that thought becomes our belief, and a belief is simply the repetition of a particular thought, then simultaneously as we first conceive the thought, it is given vibrational birth in a realm yet seen by us, however exists very much as a reality in the state and laws of creation.

It is then our opportunity to ‘be’ an equivalent match to the vibrational place to where our desiring thought is held in repose and contained within the unseen realm of creation.  I say carefully here ‘be’ not become, for to become something holds a belief that a part of us is still not that in which we desire and must remain to become transcended into something that we are not already a part of.

To understand this fine-tuning of thought brings awareness that we must know ourselves to already be, and as we are, we become that which we think about with the most frequency, thus creating a reflecting match to our deepest desires.

As a vibrational match, the desire appears to the ordinary individual as though coming from thin air, but this is never the situation.  Everything comes into being first from a place of nothingness, to then the place of an idea born in the mind of creation; then when the physical part of our being aligns with the unseen part of us that has given birth to the thought, then it must, then it will, by law, appear before us in the physical form matching perfectly the vision, the feeling, for which we hold it to be.

This is the case each and every time, for each and every person, for each and every experience… no exceptions.

Therefore, when we comprehend the nature in which the physical world expresses itself, then we become the artist of our own reality, the painter on the canvas of our lives, the one for whom first dreams the desire, creates the desire, and then lives in the experiential existence to experience the results of our desires.

Life experience is an ever-expanding expression of chosen beliefs and values.  Broaden our foundational beliefs and our experiential outcomes will follow.

Change the vibrational frequency within, and the outward reflection of what our physical eyes relay to the understanding of our senses will change accordingly.  Many first see with their eyes and believe what they experience is happening to them, when in fact we would not be able to experience it, if at first we did not believe it to be in the realm of possibilities.

“broaden our foundational beliefs and our experiential outcomes will follow”

“we are not here to accept the creations of others as our only reality”

From a higher perspective we abide in the wisdom that it is with exacting certainty that all things are in perfect synergy to their respective causation. With consistency the synergy manifests, for there is a law that governs and this law is that which brings forth all things in perfect alignment to our emotional frequencies offered into this law.

We are not here to accept the creations of others as our only reality, for in doing so we forgo our unique individualized creative power and become subjected to the conscious or unconscious controlling forces of others and the ways in which they deem the only path.

We have come to this place with a deep reverence to create our own experience, individually and collectively.  We exist to create our world, a new world expanding from what has previously been demonstrated.  Each of us constructs reality not through the default thinking and beliefs of others; but as the infinite creative artesian we are individually brought forth to express.

Therefore, we ask ourselves, in what areas of our lives have we surrendered our creative intelligence, and accepted what others have deemed reality?  And to what honorable degree are we willing to advance beyond the status quo of current existence?

In Volume VIII of Magazine AAI, the dialog expands to the studies of foundational belief and value structures, and how what we stand upon, is in direct and equal proportions to the strength of what is built above.

Until then, continue to rethink, reimagine, and redesign a life of extraordinary personal success.