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Volume V: Change Vs Creation

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“change is a byproduct of the process of creation, not the root cause”

Change is often spoken about as the means to a desired end.  However, change doesn’t happen, only creation does.

The something we don’t want, and wish to move away from, or the something we do want, and desire to attain, is commonly believed to require change in order to get what we either don’t or do desire.  I don’t want this, so I need to change it, is often times uttered when desiring different results from an existing condition.  Such is the same for wanting something that we do want, which we still feel the conditions must change order to get the more we desire.

Yet what already is may never be changed, for it already is.  If what currently exists could be changed then it would already be something else.  A bit heady I know, but stay with me here and kindly remember it took me years to comprehend the power of this knowledge.  Today I simply plant the seed to a tree that never stops growing, both in depth, girth, and height.

Change is a byproduct of the creation process, not the root cause of the expansion.

Although we certainly accept the use of the word ‘change’ in many of the ways we communicate, we are specifically speaking about change in the manner of going from where we are, to where we wish to be in living a more fulfilled fully expressed life.

With the acceptance that we live in a vibrational universe as we are guided to believe through the study of science, then we begin to understand how things materialize from so-called nothingness, into manifested being.

Renowned scientist Nikola Tesla is quoted as saying, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

The importance of this statement is that it points in the directions of two valuable insights.  The first is when Mr. Tesla states that if you want something, in this case to find the secrets of the universe, he mentions to first do one specific thing, and that is to “think”.

Therefore, the understanding that by the use of our thinking is ‘how’ we find that which we seek.  In addition, it is imperative to mention that the mechanisms through which we do our thinking, our brains, are but only a receiver to that which first transmits wisdom and inspiration.  Wisdom and inspiration are key aspects of what propels us forward on a path of personal success.

If we think we don’t have the answer, it is because it is true, we don’t; something else does and we are merely the conduits by which with proper understanding, may access this knowledge and therefore receive that which we seek.  And from where our brains ‘receive’ will be reserved for a future topic of discussion.

The second valuable insight mentioned is to ‘where’ this that we seek is found.  And that is that it is not something that we do per se, but something that is first experienced in the realm of energy, frequency, and vibration.  If we look to where something is, by logical explorations, we shall find it.  By contrast, if we are looking to where something is not, then again by logic, how are we expected to find it?

The value of this insight then brings to mind the question; if we are to look where something is, and not someplace where it isn’t; then why are so many individuals looking in the wrong place, or more specifically, where what they seek is not found?

“by the use of our thinking is ‘how’ we find that which we seek”

“we do not wish to change something, we desire to create something new”

Which brings us full-circle to the concept of change verses creation.  If we are looking in the direction of change as we seek to experience something new, and in the context of this discussion, an extraordinary life, then we may wish to consider that we are looking in the wrong direction if we have yet to feel we are not living life on our own terms.

If we are seeking to fulfill what it means to live each day as a fully-expressed individual within the collective whole of humanity, then it may be as simple as looking somewhere other than where we have been looking, in order to find what we desire to experience in and through our lives.

Recall the words above, that if what already is may never be changed, for it already is, and if what currently exists could be changed, then it would already be something else.  Because in truth wish not to change something; desire to create something anew, by which change becomes the byproduct of the laws of the creation process.

The legendary Athenian philosopher, Socrates, noted that the secret of change is to focus all of our energy, not on the fighting of the old, but on building the new.  So if we indeed desire ‘change’ then we cannot look at the old, or what is, but what it is that we desire.  Through the understanding of how creation manifests in the physical realm, we cast our focused energy, frequency, and vibration through the energy, frequency, and vibration of Creation.

Cast our sights on what it is we wish to change, and run the risk of creating more of what it is that we do not want.  Focus only on what is desired, letting go of what is and was, is when the elevation of expansion follows.

Change is reversed focus; creation is forward focus.

The subtle shift in this perspective brings forth profound results and outcomes.  As we accept that the conditions and experiences we currently find ourselves in, are simple a cause of the effects of yesterday’s thinking, then genuine and sustainable “change’ happens.

The single focus is upon creating what it is we desire, not changing what it is we don’t want.  Looking to experience something other than what currently is may be the catalyst, but not the forward focus.

To live an extraordinary life of passion and purpose, we do not require anything existing to change, only to look deep within our hearts and ask the following questions; how much do I want it, and what am I willing to create in order to live that which I desire?

Today we begin to review where our focus is and how we think and speak about where we wish to go.  Do we speak in terms of wanting to create something new by speaking about what it is we don’t want and wish to change?  Or is our thinking followed by words reflecting what we desire to create from this day forward?

“change is reversed focus, creation is forward focus”

In Volume VI of Magazine AAI, the structural dialog continues in determining as to what must one create as their foundational platform in order to achieve and live an empowered life of passion and purpose.

Until then, continue to rethink, reimagine, and redesign a life of extraordinary personal success.