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Volume III: The Art Of Letting Go

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“if the vessel is weighted, does it not sail slower”

To simply pause for a brief moment to observe the message she lovingly delivers, Mother Nature speaks to us of a knowledge blueprint for life.  In observing her patterns, she guides us to know more fully the ways in which yielding to the art of letting go, may enrich our own lives.  By releasing that which no longer serves us, or is no longer a part of our life, we may travel a pathway forward free of the pain and suffering caused by our attachment to what once was, but can be no longer.

What is it of loss, of the cycles of life, of the changing of the seasons, that may cause our stride to stumble, and how might this understanding lead us to living a more extraordinary life?

If our desire is to become more than we currently are, does it not make sense to then let go of the parts of us that no longer support our forward path?  If the vessel is weighted, does it not sail slower than one that has streamlined its cargo? In our desire to become a greater version of ourselves, and yet do not seek to travel lightly, how far can we travel before the weight of all that we have become burdens us in actualizing our greatest desires?  And if this is so, how do we best release these aspects, or more specifically know what to carry forward, and what to lovingly leave behind as the purpose has been served?

Attributed to the Second Noble Truth of Zen-Buddhism, is that at the root cause of all suffering is attachment.

Attachment to what might be asked?

Attachment is to that which we crave to be another way, or our attachment to not want something by avoiding its presence.

Along my own journey, I have come to understand my own suffering is when I believe something could have happened another way, or at another time, or both.  For in the midst of the suffering, I may utter the words, I am not in the right place, it is never the right way, or this is not the right time.  And in the uttering of these words, my suffering relentlessly continues.

If we attach ourselves to the beauty and good of life, must we not also experience its loss if we remain attached to its existence?  Is the journey taken in order to offer us the opportunity to appreciate more fully the temporal nature of existence, if our hearts remain open and unattached?

If we also attach ourselves to the sorrows of life, and yet find the path of detachment, is the journey all in order to experience the rebirth of beauty, once we have traversed the fires of our sorrow?

For in nature, she points to a proven path, a passageway of surrender and detachment.  All in order to love fully in the only place we are ever given, and this is the brief singular moment in that which we define as the now in the concept of time.

Nature shows us the cycles through the creation and destruction of her power, all in order to continually move forward in an expression of balance and harmony with the forces of life.

Born from the raging fires deep within the forest, comes forth the emergent cycle of continued life expression.  All without attachment, all with a grace and ease in the acceptance of what is, and what is not.

“and in the uttering of these words, my suffering relentlessly continues”

“the dawn may not appear unless the darkness of the night is released”

In the observation of the land, we see the power in the ability to continuously let go without attachment to outcome, in order to live freely.  Yet it is not to say there is not intention of outcome, it is to say, there is no attachment ‘to’ the outcome.

The dawn may not appear unless the darkness of the night is released.  The morning must surrender to the coming of the afternoon.  And the late rays of the afternoon sun must succumb to the approaching nightfall of the evening.

Each letting go of what came before, in order to embrace what currently is and what is to become.

Even in the glorious heights of the bursting colors within the leaves of fall, the mighty oak must relinquish its attachment to the life of the leaf, and surrender its temporary nature to be carried away by the winds of change.

And for the leaves that fall in honor of their journey, to be laid to rest at the foot of what once offered life, they lovingly surrender to the soils of the earth in order to nourish the very roots that first drew the waters upward, to sprout forth the miracle of the new leaf.

Yet, there are those leaves that hold on, even through the brutal forces of winter, refusing to let go, only to be tenderly pushed to surrender when the new leaves command their place in the sun.  Or could it be that it is the tree that holds on to the leaf, all in order to appreciate one last moment of physical connection before willingly letting go?

In either case, the process of letting go surrenders to the beauty of what is yet to come.

Therefore, which is the path; to surrender willingly and let go to the forces of continued life expression, or to hold on, until that which is meant to come forth pushes through to remove our attachment to the cycle for which has no beginning and which has no end?

Either case is that of the magnificent power of choice, each leading to the inevitable and persistent cycle of life.

And so it is the same for each of us as we embark upon the journey of continually desiring to express the greatest versions of ourselves.  We alone must decide what to carry forward, and what to leave behind.  For in the end, in order for the roots of our foundations to grow deeper, supporting the heights to which we reach for the sky, depends upon our ability to remain detached to all that has been, and to all that will come to be.

“either case is that of the magnificent power of choice”

In Volume IV of Magazine AAI, the conversation continues as to the power of our chosen thoughts to either live in the mundane shadows of reality, or to go beyond the status quo, into living a life of astonishing individualized expression.

Until then, continue to rethink, reimagine, and redesign a life of extraordinary personal success.