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Volume I: The Architekton

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“Without A Captain, A Ship Drifts Aimlessly Upon The Open Sea"

Who, or what is an Architekton?

It has been said, “We are the creators of our own reality.”  Then if this is so, why do so many create their realities from fear, pain, and scarcity?

And who are the ones that go beyond these conditions, and live a life of extraordinary means and experiences?

If one is deemed ‘lucky’ then must the other be categorized as ‘unlucky’?

And what does it truly mean to ‘create’ our own reality, if indeed this is the case?

If thinking positive thoughts creates a positive life, then why do seemingly bad things happen to good people?

If one is willing to go beyond the simplification of just stating that we are the creators of our own reality, the rabbit hole of questions spirals endlessly into space.

Yet, ultimately we must each choose in which direction the vessel of our life will sail, or else without a captain, the ship drifts aimlessly upon the open sea, and inevitably will one day find itself crashing upon the jagged rocks of the approaching shore.

The Architekton, for the purposes of this story, is also defined as a Master-Builder for who masterfully constructs the individual components in which collectively, create the life in which they consciously desire to live.

They assume responsibility for their actions, and inactions, and position themselves to have total decisive authority over their creation, and in return they persevered all odds of opposition to achieve elevated levels of personal greatness.

Greatness is defined by the terms of the Architekton, not by those of a society screaming in desperation for control and conformity.  These personal terms are developed through a series of conscious parameters, each outlining moral values that guide the individual through their everyday decisions and actions.  Therefore resulting in the ability to consciously create their own reality my means of the chosen mental perspectives that stem from demonstrating the embodiment of a clearly defined set of personal foundational values.

In each right inspired action undertaken by the Architekton in constructing a life worthy of the Master-Builder, life is viewed as one in which both conscious choice and constructive action reside harmoniously.  With the resulting newly formed perspectives viewed through the clear lens of having defining contributing values, and the personal beliefs about ones self and the world that subsequently follows, will thus produce a guiding metric supporting the sustainability to stay the course in creating a life grounded in the personal power and greatness only known by the ways of the Master-Builder.

The current predicament of modern mankind is this; when conscious life-building skills do not reside in the creator, then one’s experiences tend to descend to the level of mere vain, unsatisfying, and ego-driven results.  These continuously disappointing outcomes become completely unresponsive to the genuine needs of those desiring to experience an extraordinary live well lived.

Today the things we strive for as the prize of the victor, have come to be the definition known as modern man, or the modern desired lifestyle, and represent a meaningless, unsustainable, and often times even an immoral preoccupation with an external world appearance.  One in which contributes to a false and illusionary sense of happiness; yet continues, moment after moment, as we each attempt to influence on another, and ourselves, new definitions and distraction that only live within the shadows of success, but are not deemed worthy of success as experienced by the Architekton.

“Conscious Choice And Constructive Action Reside Harmoniously”

“Distractions That Only Live Within The Shadows Of Success”

Yet by our own choosing we unconsciously refuse to look into our own reflection for these forgotten metrics, and even have the overconfidence of our egos to justify our exceedingly synthetic existence.  We claim through inaccurate metrics that the modern man requires something additional to enhance increased meaning to our lives, by virtue that we are lacking in some form or another.

Mankind has become detached from the self-responsibility of the co-creation process of their lives, and in divergence from the skills of the Master-Builder, has fallen off course. Drifting aimlessly, we grasp at any form of distracting dysfunction entertainment, and accept fate as the resemblance of what must be our destiny in life.

The transitional moment has indeed dawned upon us as to ask the single question that has plagued humanities journey; who am I?

Do we remain to live in the challenging shadows of success, or might we elevate our conditions through the conscious development of a series of metrics to guide our thoughts, deeds, and actions, and become the Master-Builder of life, the Architekton of the individuals chosen existence?

Therefore, how does one consciously begin the journey of being the co-creator of their reality, and begin walking the steps of the Master-Builder?

The first step begins with the embodiment of accepting 100% responsibility for the creation of their lives, and the beliefs, values, and perspectives that contribute to living this extraordinary life known by the Architekton.

Developing and subsequently embodying the personal foundational values in which guide our actions, is paramount to being the Architekton of our own life.

Beginning today, create a list of what values you are willing to embody that contribute to living your best life, and be prepared to release the false beliefs and perspectives unconsciously diffusing your true power.

The ultimate adventure of the Architekton is to venture valiantly forward into the great mystery of the unknown.  The epic opportunity in life is to consciously create reality and live as an extraordinary example of human achievement.  By releasing the limiting beliefs of the status quo, the Architekton demonstrates mastery.

This is the first transitional step of many in becoming the Architekton; one who commands decisive authority of and over the creation of their lives, and assumes full and total responsibility of their thoughts, deeds, and actions within the experiential aspects of life.

“The Epic Opportunity In Life Is To Consciously Create Reality”

In Volume II of Magazine AAI, the dialog expands as to the critical importance of constructing a stable foundational structure grounded in bedrock in order to live an exemplary life of individual power.

Until then, continue to rethink, reimagine, and redesign a life of extraordinary personal success.