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Why AAI Is a And Why It Matters to YouText Highlight

B-Corps Are A For-Profit Revolutionary Type Of Company
That Uses The Power Of Business And Revenue
To Address And Solve Social And Environmental Challenges

The Global Vision Is Simple ... And Achievable
People Using Business As A Force For Good; Not Green
And This Is Where YOU Make All The Difference ...


Is a registered Benefit-Corporation (B-Corp) in the State Of California, United States Of America


Over the past thirty years, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of conscious consumers, socially responsible investments, and triple bottom line business that believe that business should strive to do no harm.

The triple bottom line; People, Profit, Planet. People using business as a force for good; not greed.

B-Corps matter because they accelerate the evolution of capitalism, for the better. Many businesses tend to focus on short-term profits, not because these businesses are inherently greedy or evil but because short-term profits are the metric that is most often measured and rewarded. B Corporations believe that capitalism needs to evolve from a twentieth-century model that heavily emphasizes short-term profits for shareholders to a twenty-first-century model that creates shared and enduring prosperity for all stakeholders; including workers, suppliers, the community, the environment, and shareholders.

B-Corps accelerate this existing trend by creating, using, and promoting new legal structures that aim to create value for all stakeholders, as well as transparent, credible, comprehensive, and independent third-party standards of social and environmental performance that create a more efficient and effective marketplace.

B-Corps matter because they redefine success in business. B-Corps create a new narrative, a new set of expectations, and a new focus on using the power of business for more than just profits.

B-Corps matter because they are concrete and measurable. B-Corp certification turns the ambiguous concepts of “going green” or “being a good corporate citizen” into something tangible and measureable that people can easily identify, trust, and support. B-Corps meet rigorous independent standards of performance for worker treatment, engage in their communities, and steward our environment. Most importantly, these standards, and information about how other B-Corps perform against them, are transparent.

B-Corps matter because they build a collective voice. Many movements, for clean tech, microfinance, and sustainable agriculture to Buy Local and co-op movements, are each manifestations of the same idea; how to use business for good. The B Corporation amplifies the voice of this diverse marketplace behind the power of a unifying brand that stands for a better way to do business.

B-Corps matter because they stand for something, not against anything. The B-Corp movement stands for positive, innovative, and practical solutions to global problems. B-Corps are leading a global movement to redefine success in business, so that society will enjoy a more durable shared prosperity. Striving to make progress toward alleviating poverty, building stronger communities, creating great places to work, and restoring the environment, for generations to come.


Supporting a Benefit Corporation matters because as you support a B-Corp, you in turn support yourself, your community, your environment, and the planetary home in which we all depend.

Through your support, the goal of AAI is simple, and as a registered B-Corp, a legal one.

“Exist in transparent humble service to a cause larger than the self.”

So how is the illusive idea of service actualized?

Through the value of knowledge offered in service to our members, 20 percent of all net profits are directed in support of the Outreach Beneficiaries in what is known as “The Reason” to why Architekton Academy, Inc., exists.

The ultimate goal is to increase support to 50 percent of all AAI net profits.

Of the seven values of Architekton Academy, Inc., two fundamental truths are at the core of these values.

The first; all human beings are deserving of safe shelter.

The second; all beasts and in particular domesticated canines deserve safe and ethical treatment and loving shelter.

As AAI provides valued content in service to the global community, and in return of your support, contributes to creating the ultimate new home for each of us … a new and just world.

One built on integrity, compassion, and unconditional generosity.


Covenant House Of California; a non-profit youth homeless shelter providing sanctuary and support for homeless and trafficked youth, ages 18-24.

Best Friends Animal Society; a non-profit animal welfare organization promoting nationwide shelter outreach, rescue groups and pet adoptions, no-kill animal rescue, and spay-and-neuter practices.

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