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The Architekton: A Mentality Time-Tested And Demonstrated As A Key To Human Advancement

There once began the journey of the single-celled amoeba’s burning desire to depart from the waters of the ocean and walk the soils of the land, and from that epic moment forward, mankind has reached for guiding stewardship to and over their individual and collective existence.

It’s in the very cells of our DNA to go beyond what has been known before, and we have always achieved something greater in the having done so.

The Master-Builder Commands Decisive Authority

Millions of years into this journey, there was also once known a select group of individuals positioned in the highest regards of social status. These individuals were known as the Master-Builders; an artisan with the educated talents and supporting structures to consciously create physical environments.

These Master-Builders positioned themselves to have total decisive authority over their creations, and in return they persevered all odds of opposition to achieve elevated levels of personal greatness.

Unwavering Personal Responsibility And Accountability

With unwavering personal responsibility and accountability inherent in the fundamental values of the Master-Builder, ancient Greek culture imparted the Master-Builder with the name ảpxitέktwv or architekton, a name from which Roman culture derived the Latin name, architectus. Each of the Greek and Roman names literally translated to ‘Master-Builder’.


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